Industry & Economics

Understanding the impact of the equine industry on Ontario’s gross domestic product is essential for demonstrating the significance of this agricultural industry to government as well as to the public. Through investigating aspects of employment, training  and education to areas where no dollar amount can be applied such as the human-horse bond and equine assisted learning and therapies, our researchers continue to demonstrate the value of the equine industry to Ontario.

Coulter, KendraHuron University College at Western University - Management and Organizational Studies
Physick Sheard, PeterOntario Veterinary College, University of Guelph – Population Medicine
Merkies, KatrinaOntario Agricultural College, University of Guelph, Animal Biosciences

Areas of Equine Research

Ontario’s equine researchers investigate a wide range of issues involving horses and the horse industry. Click on a link below to see who’s working in that area.


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